Order a First Visit, First Tooth Kit

This CDA sponsored interactive course incorporates both knowledge transfer and experiential learning. It can be modified to suit the presenter’s own material, presentation style, time constraints, audience and geographic realities. The interactive component includes sim-lab experiences on a knee to knee exam, use of a risk assessment tool, fluoride varnish application and appropriate use of toothpaste for an infant. 


  • Due its size, downloading the resource will take up to 10 minutes.
  • To download the resource, please complete the form below.
  • After the form is submitted, you will be sent an email with a password to access the resource.
  • Once you receive the email, you may enter your password to open the resource.

Download First Visit, First Tooth continuing education presentation

Download the French First Visit, First Tooth continuing education presentation


Before the course:

  • The kit can be customized for the number of participants. When completing the order form below, please be specific to ensure enough consumable supplies are included.
  • Set aside two to three hours for the course.
  • Review the material beforehand and feel free to customize the content to suit your presentation style.  

After the course:

  • After delivering the course, simply send a completed attendance form to the email address provided or fax to 613-523-7736. Certificates of achievement will be sent to participants.
  • Most elements of the kit can be kept. However, the toddler-sized doll, penlight, and mirror must be returned to CDA after use. A pre-paid shipping label with instructions is provided.
  • We’d love to get your feedback! Please send us your suggestions at firstvisitfirsttooth@cda-adc.ca.

The resource kit includes:                            

o   Toddler-sized doll for active sim lab demonstrations - 1 per kit

o   Toothbrushes - 1 per participant

o   Fluoridated toothpaste - 1 per participant

o   Mirror - 1 per kit

o   Pen light - 1 per kit

o   Fluoride varnish - 1 per participant

o  Reporting form

o  Certificates of achievement (sample) – 1 per kit

o  Promotional posters – 1 per participant

o  Packing list – 1 per kit

o  Shipping return label with return instructions – 1 per kit

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